WWE to film WrestleMania, RAW, and SmackDowns In the Next Week

Mar 19, 2020 - by James Walsh

According to new reports, WWE is considering taping episodes of Raw and Smackdown — as well as perhaps WrestleMania — next week. Post Wrestling and the WON have separately reported that there are plans of taping the remaining episodes of Raw and Smackdown that would lead into WrestleMania. The WON notes that this is likely but not confirmed by them, and that the taping would likely take place in Orlando over the next few days. 

In addition, both sites note that there was discusssion of taping WrestleMania in advance. Post Wrestling reports that this something that one source “expected” will happen. 

WrestleMania will air on Saturday and Sunday over multiple nights, with WON noting that while the primary location will be the Performance Center, there are a few gimmick matches that will be shot at different locations. As with everything leading into WrestleMania — and especially in the middle of an expanding pandemic — this is all very much subject to change.

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