Lance Archer and Braun Strowman Have Angry Twitter Exchange

Mar 19, 2020 - by James Walsh

A Twitter beef between WWE Superstar Braun Strowman and AEW star Lance Archer is brewing. 

Strowman took to Twitter this afternoon and responded to a fan who said Archer is what Strowman should’ve been because he looks like a true beast. Strowman responded and said The Murderhawk Monster is a “Great Value brand” version of The Monster Among Men, or the off-brand. 

“Great value brand version of me!!!!! Good joke,” Strowman tweeted. 

Archer responded shortly after and twisted Strowman’s words into compliments. 

He wrote, “Great Value you say?! Hmmmm. Great. Yup! Valuable. Yup! Experienced. Yup! Agile Yup! Interesting. Yup! Personality Yup! So. Yea. You can say I’m of DAMN GOOD VALUE! So thanx KID.” 

Strowman has not responded to the last tweet from Archer and that was all Archer had to say, but we will keep you updated on any further comments.


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