More on WWE Moving WrestleMania to the Performance Center

Mar 17, 2020 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, WWE officially announced yesterday that WrestleMania 36 has been moved to the Performance Center for next month due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, it will no longer take place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Dave Meltzer addressed the matter and why WWE opted for this options on today’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. 

Meltzer said he asked within WWE why the decision was made to move WrestleMania 36 to the Performance Center instead of postponing the event to a later time, but keeping it at the same venue in Tampa. Apparently, it was because Vince McMahon was not confident that at any time they’d be able to reschedule or postpone the event. 

Meltzer stated Vince McMahon opting for this move, “I was told that he [Vince McMahon] could not confidently say that at any time they could do this. And it was kind of like put to me like, ‘What if there’s no shows until November? What do you do? So, he just wanted to get this out of the way.’ 

As of now, WrestleMania 36 is scheduled for Sunday, April 5. It will be held at the WWE Performance Center without any type of audience of fans in attendance. The show will be broadcast live on the WWE Network.



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