Moxley: “It was like Jon Moxley was serving an eight-year suspension”

Mar 16, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Discussing the difference between AEW and WWE, the former WWE Champion/ Current AEW Champion, said that his AEW character is like a ‘whole different person’ that has been sleeping or been in jail:

“It’s just kind of like a whole other different person that had been like sleeping or in jail or suspended. It was like Jon Moxley was serving an eight-year suspension and then he finally got reinstated.”

Explaining the difference between the two companies, Jon Moxley said that in AEW, he just walks out and does whatever the situation calls for, doesn’t matter how tired he is.

Apart from this, Jon Moxley also discussed the crowds at AEW, saying that he thinks TVs don’t do justice to how hot some of their crowds are.

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