Nikki Bella Takes Shot at John Cena on Twitter Then Denies It

Mar 15, 2020 - by James Walsh

Nikki Bella recently made a post on Twitter that fans believed was a shot at John Cena, so she had to clarify that she wasn’t.

The original post read: “Sometimes your misery is another’s happiness. Sometimes we come into someone’s life 2 teach them something or how 2 live, or someone comes into ours to do the same. Smile knowing u showed them how life is really meant 2 be loving, by kindness, by letting go of rules.”

Yahoo reports that during a recent episode of the Bellas Podcast, Bella said: “I hate always talking about this, but it was bothering me, and I really want to clarify something. My ex-fiance is not the only man that I have loved in this world. I was in love three times before him. He was the fourth person I loved, and I have loved after him, and I still love. Anytime I want to post a quote or I want to share words of wisdom, everyone always think I’m talking about him. I don’t always talk about my ex-fiance, and honestly, you guys, I have no reason to throw shade at him. I can’t tell you guys enough. I’m not that type of person. I wish people knew that. My life does not revolve around my ex-fiance.“

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