Cena Speaks on Watching 205 Live From the Crowd Last Night

Mar 14, 2020 - by James Walsh

As noted, John Cena made an appearance on last night’s Smackdown, which was held at the WWE Performance Center, without a live audience. WWE later released a clip of John Cena watching last night’s 205 Live from the tech area while the 10-man elimination match was being done live. You can check out that clip below. 

John Cena stated on the experience, “This is something that I often longed to do: Watch this done live. There’s no experience like it. A guy like me, sometimes sticks out in the crowd. I definitely stick out in the crowd today because I am the crowd, but I’m in the tech area and because of the given circumstances, I get the treat of watching this live. Now, I’m used to performing in front of a crowd, so I’m a rookie at all this stuff. I’m watching the pros and taking notes. This is awesome.” 

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