Former WWE superstar rips the company for not postponing Wrestlemania

Mar 12, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE Big Vito Lo Grasso via Facebook:

So the WWE dosent cancel there WrestleMania but all MAJOR SPORTS ARE CLOSING DOWN. Here is from the heart. YOU DONT GIVE A F–KING SH@T ABOUT PEOPLE. YOU CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR COMPANY. YOU PAY NO ROYALTIES FOR THE NETWORK AND PAY LITTLE OR NOTHING FOR YOUR QUARTERLIES. For the people who are sheep and go along with this, shame. If you bring home the Virus to your family, THEN WHAT LETS KAY FABE. I started working there in 1991 and its the same shit. When you STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS, your the bad guy for bring light into a dark situation. FOR ALL I MEAN ALL THE STOOGES WHO ARE GONNA COPY AND PASTE THEN SEND IT TO TALENT RELATIONS, I AM GLAD YOU ARE. IT AINT SCORING YOU POINTS , BUT GOD DAM THEY DUE HAVE A SNITCH, A RAT, A FREEDO THEY CAN COUNT ON. Have a nice day.

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