Bully Ray Says WWE Chamber Didn’t ‘Elevate’ Shayna Baszler

Mar 11, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Co-host of Busted Open Radio Bully Ray weighed in on this past Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV. Bully Ray said that the Women’s Chamber match was used as a way to elevate Shayna Baszler. However he believed that the way the action unfolded did not do her any favors.

“That [Chamber] match was designed to make Shayna Baszler look like this credible threat going into mania against Becky Lynch,” Bully began. “If the powers that be think that last night was mission accomplished? Then good for them. I don’t look at last night thinking that Shayna Baszler is any more of a killer.”

Ray would also describe how he would’ve made the match present Baszler in a better light. “One of the things that I thought that they should have did was this; remember when she choked out Liv Morgan right in front of Asuka? Right in front of the [chamber] pod. If you remember the minute Liv went limp and the ref rang the bell Shayna was just sitting on the top rope, looking at Asuka. She should have never stood up. She should have just remained in that seated position. As if Shayna just choked out Liv like it was no big deal. And never took her eyes off Asuka. Just sat there and stared, a death dagger through Asuka’s eyes.”

Ray finished by saying “once you start standing up? You start making it all grandiose? You lose the moment of the intensity. Just sit there, just let go of Liv and let her limp body just drop. And just keep staring at Asuka and let Asuka do all the crazy Asuka stuff in the pod. Don’t mimic her, don’t say anything. Don’t walk around. Just stare at her like a lion in a cage. These are the little things that I would have done to bring out the realism; and to really make Shayna Baszler look like this unstoppable woman. That, maybe, Becky Lynch is in over her head with.

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