Teddy Hart Still In Jail

Mar 10, 2020 - by James Walsh

PWInsider has a legal update on Teddy Hart following his recent arrest last month where he was charged with three counts of possession, possession of a Schedule III controlled substance, and possession with intent to sell and distribute. According to the latest update, Teddy Hart (real name Edward Ellsworth Annis) will have his court date on April 23 at 9:00 am. Additionally, the reason Hart returned to jail was due to a matter of violating his house arrest. 

Previously, Hart’s girlfriend, Maria Manic, who was in the car with Hart, shared a now-deleted video in which she and Hart (via phone conversation) discuss the arrest and said that Hart was pulled over due to his license plate not matching the registration for the car, which he tried to explain was “taken care of,” and when police officers searched the car they found marijuana and steroids. 

It was later revealed by Manic in another video that Hart was going to be released from jail and placed under house arrest in Richmond, Virginia until his legal matter was resolved. However, Hart was later returned to jail for his house arrest violation. The exact details of his house arrest violation are still unknown.

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