Chris Jericho reflects on Losing the AEW World Title

Mar 9, 2020 - by James Walsh

On the latest episode of Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho recounted the tale of the AEW World Championship going missing after he won it at All Out. As you may recall, the World Championship belt was stolen the night after All Out when it was taken out of the limo he had rented while he and others were eating at a Longhorn Steakhouse in Tallahassee, Florida.

The title was found a few days later as announced by the Tallahassee Police Department. The person who reportedly found it said he saw it on the side of the road in its carrying case. Jericho dedicated the entirety of the podcast to telling the story, and you can check out some highlights about the point leading up to and his discovery that it had gone missing — as well as what he thinks actually happened — below.

On the driver suggesting the restaurant: “So as we’re getting ready to leave, I say, ‘We’re really hungry, we want to go grab a bit. Let’s just go to steakhouse, let’s go to Outback. And so there was an Outback kind of near, and the guy says, ‘Let’s just go to Longhorn, it’s closer to where we need to go.’ Now I put it into my GPS, and it was a little bit closer but pretty much the same thing. ‘Outback, Longhorn, which one would you like to do?’ ‘Let’s just do Longhorn, whatever.’ So for the much-beleaguered people who are like, ‘Why did you go to Longhorn?’ That’s the reason why. Because the driver said, ‘Let’s go to Longhorn.’”

On the driver acting strange at Longhorn: “So we go to Longhorn and we have some food. And I notice about 15 or 20 minutes into sitting there — and it’s not a big restaurant, it’s not super-packed. And when you walk into the front door, we were sitting at a table that was in eyesight, in view of the front door. So the guy comes in, the driver. And he goes to the front door and he starts kind of walking around the restaurant. And we see him come in. We’re like, ‘Isn’t that our driver? What’s he doing?’ Like he’s kind of just wandering around … He kind of wanders over to our table about five minutes later and says ‘Hey, I just want to check your address. Is that a residence or an apartment?’ I’m like ‘It’s a residence, and what difference does it make? Just put it into your GPS.’ He says, ‘Oh, I just want to make sure, I’m just checking.’ And then he walks out, and I’m like, ‘That’s peculiar.’ Why would he walk in here, wander around for five minutes and then come over and ask me a completely irrelevant question to where we’re going, and then walk out? Huh. Almost like he was, I don’t know, maybe stalling inside the restaurant? Right?”

On being told the belt was missing: “So we’re hanging out, and we’re finish up our dinner, and we’re eating. And the guy comes in again, about 20 minutes after that. And he comes in and says ‘Uh, your title belt is missing.’ I said ‘What?’ He says ‘Your title belt, the championship belt is missing.’ Now I go — first of all, I’m thinking, ‘How do you know there’s a title belt in there?’ Its in a bag. Its not the job of the driver to go through people’s bags when they’re inside. I go, ‘What do you mean its missing?’ He goes ‘Yeah, well you put it in there and I came out and its gone.’ And I’m like, ‘Wh – What the f**k are you talking about? What is it — what? What are you talking about?’

“So we go outside, and here’s the thing. It was my wife’s birthday that week, so I’d bought her a big bouquet of flowers and a vase. And she brought it with her to take home. And when we go out there, the vase that was in kind of the back of the truck is now in the back seat. It’s gone from the trunk area to the back seat. And I’m like, ‘Well how do you know the thing is gone?’ He says ‘Well, I just went out here to look at the back.’ And its obvious when he looked in the back that the flowers fell out onto the ground. He never mentioned the fact that the flowers fell onto the ground, he just mentioned the belt was gone.”

On what he thought happened: “I started thinking, ‘Okay. We get into the car.’ And the guy may be some kind of a trafficking guy. Maybe they just run some kind of racket where they steal things out of the backs of limos. And I’m thinking the guy said to whoever his contact was, ‘Meet me in the parking lot of Longhorn, I’ll leave the car. I’ll walk inside, you go in the back and see what you can find.’ So that’s what I really think happened.

“So when the guy walked inside and killed time inside the Longhorn, I think that his partner pulled up, opened up the back of the limo, the flowers fell out. He panicked, grabbed the title belt. Which this other guy had already scouted because he knew it was a title belt, even though he had no reason to know it was a title belt because I never told him, and he never looked at it while I was around because I never took it out of the bag. So, I assume he saw this one overlying piece of luggage, looked in it, thought it was some kind of a fancy gold belt, called his friend to come steal it and that’s what happened. Of course, I can’t prove any of that but it seems about as logical as the rest of all this.”

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