Arn Anderson Reflects on Smacking Disco Inferno

Mar 9, 2020 - by James Walsh

On the latest edition of The Arn Show, Arn Anderson discussed an incident on a Rent-A-Car bus when he worked as an agent for WCW where he ended up slapping Disco Inferno after Disco kept goofing on Hugh Morrus (Bill DeMott). Highlights are below.

On how the incident started between Disco Inferno and Hugh Morris (Bill DeMott): “So we had worked some shows and we had a private plane and we were flying back to Florida. We landed, I want to say, in Orlando, and it was one of those things that we didn’t get in until early in the morning so I see that Disco is just in one of those goofy moods and he’s riding Hugh Morrus. ‘Yeah, your daughters like me more than they do you, Hugh,’ ya know? ‘They’re fans of me more than they are you.’ And I see Hugh, who is about 330 at the time, was really getting pissed. Now this is at baggage claim it starts. So we get our bags, we go and get on the rent-a-car bus.”

On how things escalated on the bus, leading to him slapping Disco: “Now it’s a smaller area, close proximity, he starts again. ‘Yeah, I’m a much bigger star than you are.’ Now he’s goofing on him, but I can see it ain’t getting over. Now he’s getting red in the face. I just leaned in, looked at him, I said, ‘Cut the bullshit out, we’re all tired as f***, we’re not going to get any sleep, we’re gonna sleep a few hours, grab a gym, and we gotta drive to Jacksonville.’ ‘Oh, what are you going to do, beat me up Horsemen style?’ Was his reaction. So I slapped the shit out of him and said, ‘No, that’s Marty Lunde style motherf***er.’ And so I cupped him pretty good and he got a blank look on his face and that’s the real story. He shut up.”

On if it was the wrong thing to do: “It was possibly the wrong thing to do being the job that I had, but that aside, man to man, absolutely not, it was the right thing to do.”

On how he might have saved Disco’s life: “You can’t slap a guy if you’re the agent in charge of the guys, but he just wouldn’t let up. And I knew, Hey I might have saved his life, you can ask Hugh, Hugh Morris, Bill DeMott, he was absolutely boiling, he was probably fixing to kill the guy. And it wasn’t so much the content, he was just goofing on him, but he just wouldn’t let up.”

On if he got any blowback from the office: “Never heard a word.”

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