Matt Hardy says he’s “not sure” where he is going next

Mar 8, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Matt Hardy claimed that he has not signed a deal with All Elite Wrestling yet although he is speaking with them and is very close with The Young Bucks.

“We’ve been great friends for a long time. They understand this business and know how to break the fourth wall and have fun with all of this. They really are special,” Hardy said of the brothers.

He also revealed that he has spoke with Impact Wrestling and the NWA and “had great conversations just this week with Triple H about NXT.” Hardy was reportedly offered a spot with the NXT brand in a bid to get him to re-sign with the company.

But despite the gazillion hints by AEW that he’s the leader of The Dark Order, Hardy keeps saying that he’s not sure where he is going to go yet. “From a character perspective, I want to go to an Arcadia. That’s where I can take the second coming of ‘Broken Matt’ and build upon it. I need a canvas where I can paint and collaborate.”

Matt said that he gave WWE everything he had to offer but Vince McMahon wasn’t on the same page with him in terms of his Broken character. He said that coming back at WrestleMania 33 was the Hardy’s redemption story and both hated the way they left the first time around. Matt added that Vince never grasped the idea of the Broken character and “don’t think Vince fully comprehended” what the character entails.

You can read the interesting interview at SI.COM.

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