Joey Janela Says There Was Nothing AEW Could Do About Increased Independent Schedule

Mar 8, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Joey Janela Says There Was Nothing AEW Could Do About Increased Independent Schedule & Talks Leaving GCW & More

In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Joey Janela spoke about his reduced AEW schedule and said there was nothing the promotion could do about him taking more independent dates. Here are highlights:

On leaving GCW:

“At first they [AEW] were telling me I couldn’t do any dates. By that time I had announced the farewell show and stuff. Suddenly I see people start popping up at Northeast Wrestling and I found out we could do indies, but we just had to get them approved. But I’ve already announced my retirement show and I didn’t wanna Terry Funk everyone, which I already have.”

On his return to the independents:

“I think I’m back now full-time on the indies. My work was really suffering from the lack of dates. I had a certain flow and once you go from wrestling 4-5 times a week to twice a month, your work is gonna suffer no matter what. Your instincts are not gonna be great.”

On his in-ring shape:

“This past summer I was wrestling hour matches without issue. Now, I feel like I’m not myself in the ring so we’ve gotta start doing indies again. I’m not a guy who goes to train as that’s not my thing. I don’t like to waist bumps as if I’m going to do bumps, they’re gonna be in front of a crowd.”

On AEW letting him work more indie shows:

“They were letting everyone else do indies so there was nothing they could do. The match I had last Saturday with GCW was a 35-minute match. I’m coming back for the work, not to collect a payday. I’m coming back to be the best wrestler I can be to make my future the best it could be.”

On his back:

“I think that’s because of all of the travel I’ve endured over the past two years in back seats of cars and curled up into little balls in hotel rooms. I don’t think that’s from falling on chairs but I could be wrong.”

On Jordan Oliver:

“He kinda said it after the match as he grew up idolizing me. When he was a teenager – which isn’t that long ago because he’s 20 now – I was hitting home runs in CZW. He’s someone who not only has it in the ring but has charisma and is gaining size. I figured he would be the best bet to warm up for Kip Sabian for the PPV that never happened.”

On AEW and GCW:

“I don’t think AEW wants anything to do with GCW to be honest. I don’t see why some of the talent can’t work some of the shows. We’re just hitting strides now and I’m more involved now with GCW than before. It would be nice for AEW and GCW to do something. But I doubt it because they’re two completely different beasts.”

On his Spring Break shows:

“This Spring Break, we’re trying to set a new standard for independent wrestling. Since Spring Break 1, we’ve kinda changed everything as the influence it’s had on the wrestling business has been incredible. This year is gonna be our biggest one and we hope to hit a new stride. If we have 4-5,000 people in a venue for Spring Break, it’s the biggest independent show of all-time. Please check it out or check it on FITE TV.”

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