Angle Recalls McMahon Trying Incessantly To Take Him Down On A Plane

Mar 8, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Kurt Angle Recalls Vince McMahon Trying Incessantly To Take Him Down On A Plane and How Vince Desire for it never Ends

On Inside The Ropes, During His interview, Kurt Angle also talked about his favorite Vince McMahon story. Angle talked about how Vince tried to wrestle him on a 7 hour plane ride.

“I’ve had a lot of stories with Vince but I remember when he wanted to wrestle me on an airplane and we had a 7 hour wrestling feud that just kept going on and on,” Angle said. “He would jump on me and we’d wrestle and I’d get him to the ground and he’d say, ‘okay okay let me up,’ and he’d go back and sit down and then 10 minutes later he’d jump on me again.

“It was a long plane ride and it was just Vince drinking wine and wrestling me. I’ll never forget at one point, the flight attendant came back and said ‘If you guys don’t stop he’s going to ground this plane and you guys are going to get kicked off’. And Vince said to him ‘Tell the pilot to go f himself, I’ll buy the f-ing plane.’

“That’s just Vince, he likes to have fun and he likes to be challenged at every aspect of his life. He’s not just a very responsible owner of one of the biggest companies in the world, he’s a big kid, he likes to have fun, and he likes competition.”

Angle was asked about people being recruited by Vince to help take him down on the plane. He noted that Vince continued to try and wrestle him.

“He recruited a lot of people,” Angle said. “I remember Terri Runnels came up to me and said ‘Hey, I have something personal to ask you could you meet me in the back?’ And I thought this is weird why would she want me to meet her in the back? I get up to go to the back and Vince jumps up from the seats and jumps on me and we start wrestling again. It was non ending.

“When we were landing the plane, right when we touched ground, Chris Jericho was sitting behind me and said ‘Kurt look in the aisle’ and I looked in the aisle and Vince was army crawling to jump on me again. He wasn’t going to quit until this plane was landed and we got off it. It was a long trip, I didn’t get any sleep and Vince had the time of his life.”

When asked if Vince actually was successful in taking him down, Angle said that it didn’t happen.

“He never took me down, no,” Angle stated. “If he claims he does he’s lying. I don’t think he would do that but let me tell you this: Vince is one tough son of a gun. He likes to be challenged. He’s one of those guys who would go up to Mike Tyson and say ‘Punch me as hard as you can’ because he wants to feel it. He’s that kind of individual. He wants to experience the best. Vince is a rare breed.”

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