Matt Hardy Reveals an Idea WWE Rejected

Mar 6, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Matt Hardy feuded with and teamed with Bray Wyatt, and while speaking about working with Bray Wyatt on Busted Open Radio Matt opened up about an idea that was shot down by WWE.

Matt noted that he felt his partnership with Bray Wyatt was a missed opportunity, and he went into detail about the plans he had for Bray Wyatt at the Hardy compound.

“We wanted Bray, because his house had been burnt down where the whole Abigail scenario was. He lost his Wyatt family and we literally wanted him to come here with a stick on his back and a bandana with his belongings. Join the Hardy compound, we’re going to have Senor Benjamin out having him do chores and King Maxel bossing him around it was a moment to build something with these 2 characters.”

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