Chris Jericho’s Inner Circle Choir Responds to Internet Criticism

Mar 6, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

The lead singer of the Inner Circle Choir who performed “Judas” at AEW Revolution has fired back at some criticism the performance garnered online, and Chris Jericho has weighed in. The choir, led by singer Meredith Bell, performed the Fozzy song and Jericho entrance theme for walk to the ring for the main event match and a few people shared negative thoughts about the performance and the appearance of the singers.

Bell posted to her Twitter account to take aim at some of the fans on Reddit, saying, “I wasn’t going to address it, because it doesn’t bother me at all, but my concern is that my choir members may not be as tough-skinned as me when it comes to the wrestling community.” She went on to say that “Jericho didn’t ask y’all to perform with him. He asked me. Period.” She says she hand-picked the people who performed in the choir and praised their performance.

She continued, “Was it perfect? No. Could the sound have been better? Sure. But the AEW sound crew and the rest of the team did what they had to do, and given the circumstances of performing in a huge arena like that with acoustics against us… it sounded as great as it could have. But what I will NOT tolerate is y’all coming out of your mouths and talking about the plus-size, beautiful women who were up there. Y’all are super fatphobic, and it shows.”

Bell said that it was the “experience of a lifetime” that all the members of the choir enjoyed, noting, “Hate all you want, but we did that. And y’all can stay mad. That’s all i have to say.” She made it clear in an addendum that she was not talking about the Squared Circle subreddit, the most popular pro wrestling subreddit.

Jericho then chimed in, disagreeing with her only in the sense that “It WAS perfect” and concluding with a “#NuffSaid.”

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