“Sycho” Sid Vicious Pulled from WrestleCon

Mar 5, 2020 - by James Walsh

“Sycho” Sid Vicious has been pulled from WrestleCon after he failed to provide requested material to the promoters. 

Sid had previously been booked for the big convention during WrestleMania 36 Weekend by vendor The Big Event. He was also scheduled to participate in a wrestler/celebrity softball game at the unofficial WrestleMania 36 Pre-Party on WrestleMania Sunday. WrestleCon noted on Twitter that the game was to be called the “Sid Vicious Softball Invitational” due to his history with the spot. 

The WrestleCon promoters responded to a fan who asked about Sid being removed from the convention roster, and said they have been trying to get Sid to send them a video since November. 

“We cancelled Sid because he didn’t do what we asked of him since November. We asked for a simple video confirming he was booked and Sunday was to be the “Sid Vicious Softball Invitational”, but after 4 months, he couldn’t do this for us,” they wrote. 

Sid has a history of no-showing events for major promotions and the indies. WrestleCon told another fan on Twitter that Sid can still appear at the event if another vendor wants to take a chance with him. They also revealed that a big part of the interest in having Sid was the naming rights to the softball game. 

“Sure, if another vendor wishes to take a chance, he of course is welcome to attend the event,” WrestleCon wrote when asked if he could still appear. “A big part of our interest in having Sid was naming rights to the softball game and waiting on him has diminished our ability to advertise that event.” 

WrestleCon reminded fans that Sid previously no-showed their event back in Orlando during WrestleMania 33 Week in 2017. 

Joey Ryan responded to the WrestleCon tweet on Sid being pulled and joked, “The door is open for the ‘Jose Canseco Softball Invitational’ now.” 

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