Steiner on WWE HOF: “Why do I care if I go in the Hall Of Fame? It’s not there, go visit it”

Mar 5, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Scott Steiner rips Triple H, why he doesn’t care about the WWE Hall Of Fame

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner was interviewed by David Penzer for his “Sitting Ringside” podcast and, as usual, Steiner was not shy to give his thoughts about WWE.

Specifically, Steiner had a lot to say about Triple H when he was asked what went wrong with his run in WWE.

Steiner said, “Same thing that went wrong with everybody else that went there from WCW. Look at what everybody did. Triple H beat everybody. Kevin Nash went in and he did a DQ and then he got beat. Sting got treated worse, he had one match with them and he was done. That’s the thing when a guy is a mark and he wants to beat everybody and who is a legitimate pu**y. Wikipedia don’t like, seriously. Look at what he’s done, nothing. Then he got into professional wrestling and that was his time to shine.”

In the past, Steiner has taken jabs at Triple H’s marriage to Stephanie McMahon and he did so in this interview. He said, “Of course, it does help banging the boss’ daughter so he took advantage of everything that he could and he beat everyone from WCW. They treated everyone like sh*t and we’re all in the same business. Wrestling is a small knit community, it’s a brotherhood. But you’re gonna treat us bad because we wrestled for somebody else? It made no sense but now it’s biting them in the ass. They would kill, f*cking kill for half the ratings that they had when we had the Monday Night Wars. Look at em, it’s biting in the ass and f*ck them. They got what they deserved. I’m so mellow right now.”

Steiner said that the BS politics behind the scenes can wear you down. He added, “CM Punk said the same thing I said 8 years or 9 years later. Moxley said the same thing. It’s the worst place ever to work. Every time I worked there, I wanted to quit. In 93 I left and I was gone for two years in Japan…”

Penzer noted that Jeff Jarrett is friends with Scott and wondered if WWE (via Jarrett) has reached out about a Hall Of Fame induction. Scott says they have reached out but not for the Hall Of Fame. He said, “First off, where in the f*ck is the Hall Of Fame? How can you be in the Hall Of Fame if it doesn’t exist? It exists in Vince’s mind. Do I give a f*ck if I rent space in Vince’s mind? F*ck no, I don’t give a f*ck what he thinks. So I don’t care if I’m in the Hall Of Fame because it’s a f*cking joke because it don’t exist. Why do I care if I go in the Hall Of Fame? It’s not there, go visit it! Where are you gonna go visit it at?”

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