Nash Thinks Bischoff Should Get His Own Hall of Fame Induction

Mar 4, 2020 - by James Walsh

Eric Bischoff will not be joining the nWo for their WWE Hall of Fame induction and while some think he should get in with the group, Kevin Nash thinks he should get in on his own. Nash posted to Twitter on Tuesday in answer to a fan who said that Bischoff deserves an induction as part of the WCW stable, expressing his own thoughts that Bischoff “should go in alone. His contributions warrant a solo induction.” 

The former WCW President is of course best known for his time in WCW and in the creation of the nWo, but he also had memorable runs in WWE. The nWo induction will consist of Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, Nash and Sean Waltman. 

Mike Cohen 
· Feb 25, 2020 
Replying to @EBischoff 
Eric it was a awesome episode #WCWSuperBrawl2000 pretty cool having @83Weeks drop same day as @TheArnShow @HeyHeyItsConrad PS we need @WWE to put Eric in #WWEHOF with #nWo @HulkHogan @RealKevinNash @SCOTTHALLNWO @TheRealXPac #GetBischoffInWWEHOF @WrestleMania 

Kevin Nash 
I feel Eric should go in alone. His contributions warrant a solo induction

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