Orton hits the RKO on Beth Phoenix on Raw

Mar 3, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Randy Orton took everyone to promo school last night on Raw, delivering on of his best promos of his career during the main event when he confronted Beth Phoenix.

Phoenix was in town to give an update on the condition of her husband but she didn’t get much chance to do that as Orton interrupted quickly. He told her that he owes her an explanation on why he attacked Edge the night after the Royal Rumble.

Orton went over the history of the two together, explaining how he met Edge when he was 19 years old as a fan backstage, and then went on the wrestle him around the world for the Intercontinental Title, and then together as Rated RKO. During his worst moments in his life, it was Edge who pulled him out of the hole he was in and learned to be a great father thanks to him.

Randy continued saying that after the Rumble, he was worried that Edge would end up in a wheelchair if he continued wrestling so he had to do what he had to do so Edge at least could have a normal life with his daughters. Orton said he loved Edge, loved Beth, and loved their two daughters.

He then flipped the script and blamed Beth for everything that happened, calling her an enabler. He said she should have seen it coming and should have stopped him from going beyond the Royal Rumble.

Phoenix then slapped Orton and then Orton decided to call Beth a bitch, although not on the live mic. At that point, Beth kicked him but Orton responded by giving her an RKO, leaving her laying on the floor. Orton quickly exited the ring and several WWE Superstars and producers came out to help Phoenix.

This was an incredible segment that will lead to Edge’s return next week on Raw in Washington, DC.

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