Naomi Discusses Rampart Racism on Social Media

Feb 29, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE women’s division star Naomi spoke with Women’s Wrestling Weekly to talk all things pro-wrestling. One topic that the former SmackDown women’s champion discussed was the negative aspects of social media, including when fans think it’s okay to make racist comments without any repercussions.

That’s something on the regular that we deal with all the time, every day. It’s crazy the type of negativity I get. One of things that bothered me is that people feel like they can say whatever they want, be as disrespectful as they want; and talent has no right or room to respond back or should just be quiet or take the higher road. I feel like you can state your opinion and still take the high road. You can still check people without being disrespectful.

She would later dive into her return at this year’s Royal Rumble, admitting that she was quite nervous for the matchup.

Oh man, it was such a relief because I am my own worst critic and I get in my head a lot because I am so passionate. This is my art… I was scared. The worst thing is being gone that long and coming back to no one caring, or to no reaction, or you know I just didn’t know what to expect. By the time I did come out I was just like man I just hope they with me and I hope that I deliver and perform like everything goes well. So just the pressure from all of that had me really worked up, but it was like a good worked up. I had so much adrenaline. I was so excited just to be back out there and hear the audience like you don’t get that feeling anywhere else. Like there’s nothing else like it in any other job in the world.

She also reflects on her previous title reigns, and states that she feels like she didn’t get a solid feud with anyone.

Just to continue to grow and improve and just have one real good angle with someone before my career is done. I feel like I’ve never had that. I’ve been a champ but with my title reign I didn’t get to perform as much. I didn’t get a solid angle with anyone… I’m just exploring and I want to continue to grow and I want to continue to not limit myself and just have a really good story.

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