Will Tyson Fury be Involved in Wrestlemania?

Feb 28, 2020 - by James Walsh

Ever since his debut at WWE Crown Jewel last year, there has been several rumors on when boxer Tyson Fury would next wrestle for WWE. According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, nothing has been said but there have been rumors he will appear at Wrestlemania. As far as WWE goes, there have been talks but it’s unknown what the match would be. Braun Strowman teased a match, but those two previously fought and Fury won. If that were to happen, it could also be for Strowman’s Intercontinental title. 

After Fury defeated Deontay Wilder (which WWE promoted on RAW), he will likely have a higher asking price as he was paid a significant amount for that fight. It’s up to whether or not WWE considers Fury worth the millions he would likely ask for in order to possibly gain more WWE Network subscriptions. 

When there were originally talks for Fury at Wrestlemania, WWE was hesitant because there was always the risk of injury in the Wilder fight. That didn’t happen, so a match could now be on the table.


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