Paige Says She Wishes She Could Work Against Bea Priestley

Feb 25, 2020 - by James Walsh

Paige is retired from the ring, but she wishes she could return so she could face Bea Priestley — and Priestley would be down for that. Paige posted to her Twitter account saying that if she could do one more match, she’d want it to be against the Priestley and that kicked off a brief back and forth between the two as you can see below. 

Of course, such a match is unlikely for a host of reasons. Not only is Paige’s in-ring career done due to her spinal stenosis, Priestley is on the AEW roster. But it’s nice to dream about what a match would be like. 

Can I bring you out of retirement? 😉😘 

— Bea Priestley ビープリーストリー (@BeaPriestley) February 23, 2020 

Dare me? 😂 


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