Mads Krügger

Feb 25, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Matthew Walters
Height: 6’8″
Weight: 317 lbs.
Date of Birth: August 23, 1985
From: Lyons, Georgia
Pro Debut: January 20, 2012
Trained By: Shawn Hunter
Finishing Move: Powerbomb


– Krügger has also been known as Logan Creed Grogan. He’s nicknamed the Black Hand of Contra.
– May 10, 2014, Creed defeated Cody Hall for the SFCW Title.
– May 24th, Creed would retain the title against Eli Daniels.
– June 14th, Creed would lose the title to Luke Gallows.
– August 23rd, Creed challenged Tyson Dean for the NWA Georgia Title.
– January 16, 2015, Creed challenged Clyde Braddock for the AWN Heritage Title.
– April 10th, Creed challenged Dameon Ceretone for the PSW Title.
– July 18th, Creed & Drew Adler defeated Trinity (Big Andy & Chris Nelms) for the SFCW Tag Team Titles.
– August 15th, Creed & Adler would lose the titles to The Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards).
– October 17th, Creed would win the vacant SFCW Title in a 8-Man Rumble.
– January 2, 2016, Creed would lose the title to Drew Adler.
– May 7th, Creed defeated Zac Edwards for the SFCW Monroe City Title.
– June 4th, Creed & Odinson defeated The Beautiful Bald Besties for the SFCW Tag Team Titles.
– July 23rd, Creed lost the SFCW Monroe City Title to Trevor Aeon.
– November 19th, Creed competed in the EGO 5th Annual Great Southern 8 Tournament.
– October 1st, Creed defeated Pain for the NWA Georgia Title.
– December 10th, Creed competed in the PWA Rumble Royal.
– December 30th, Creed defeated Drew Adler for the AWN Title.
– January 21, 2017, The Kingsmen (Creed & Tommy Too Much) defeated Trending Now (Ace Haven & Charles Zanders) for the PWA Tag Team Titles.
– February 18th, The Kingsmen lost the titles to The Beautiful Bald Besties.
– March 18th, The Kingsmen would defeat the Beautiful Bald Besties for the titles.
– March 25th, The Heathens (Creed & Mr. O’Hagan) won the GCW Junkyard Dog Memorial Tag Team Tournament.
– June 17th, The Kingsmen lost the PWA Tag Team Titles to The Reckoning in a Survivor Games Match.
– February 10, 2018, Creed competed in the Scenic City Rumble ’18.
– April 14th, Creed defeated Gunner Miller for the Anarchy Triple Crown Title in a No DQ Match.
– April 21st, Creed competed in the PWA Rumble.
– November 2nd, Creed challenged Kevin Ryan for the SHW Title.
– November 3rd, Creed challenged Mitch Mitchell for the ACW Title.
– April 13, 2019, Creed won the Anarchy Landmark Heritage Title in a 4-Way Steel Cage.
– May 11th, Creed would lose the title in a Ultimate Anarchy 6-Way.
– May 25th, Creed lost the Anarchy Triple Crown Title to Griff Garrison.
– July 13th, Creed competed in a 4-Way for the PWB King of Bushido Title.
– August 9th, Creed won the SHW Rumble Jack.
– October 4th, Creed would win the SHW Title in a War Games match.
– November 9th, Creed won a Battle Royal at MLW Blood & Thunder.
– November 28th, Creed defeated Josey Quinn for the vacant SFCW Title.
– December 6th, Creed lost the SHW Title to Corey Hollis in a Street Fight.
– January 18, 2020, Creed competed in the PWX SIXTEEN Tournament ’20.
– January 11th, Creed defeated Moonshine Mantell at MLW Zero Hour.
– February 1st, Creed, Mance Warner & Savio Vega lost to Konnan, Gino Medina & The Dynasty (Richard Holliday & Alexander Hammerstone) in a Handicap Match on MLW Fusion.
– February 15th, Creed lost the SFCW Heavyweight Title to Mikael Judas in a Last Man Standing match.
– March 14th, Creed defeated Mike Pain for the WrestleMerica Heavyweight Title.
– July 11th, Creed won a 4-Way at UPWA Summer Showdown ’20.
– August 8th, Creed lost the WrestleMerica Heavyweight Title to Tyson Dean in a 3-Way.
– August 22nd, Creed defeated Ryan Rembrandt at SFCW Ambition.
– August 28th, Creed competed in the SHW RumbleJack.
– September 25th, Creed competed in the PSW Battle Rumble.
– October 10th, Creed defeated Hold My Beer Hanson at Anarchy Ultimate Anarchy III.
– November 7th, Creed competed in a 3-Way for the PWA Heritage Title.
– November 21st, Creed defeated Alexander Hammerstone at IWE Parade of Champions.
– December 2nd, Mads Krügger defeated Ariel Dominguez on MLW Fusion.

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