A look at the Super ShowDown 2020 stage in Riyadh

Feb 24, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

The Mohammed Abdu Arena on the Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has already been transformed for Super ShowDown with the huge stage and ring already set up ahead of Thursday’s show.

This arena is similar to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville where AEW has already held two shows but on a much larger scale. WWE has set up a mega LED display screen behind the usual stage which is similar to the Crown Jewel set and the ring has the huge canopy that covers it. The LED display looks “free standing” from the footage which was uploaded by a r/squaredcircle user

The layout of the arena will make a good visual on TV and will look completely different from previous Saudi shows. This is the first time that a show will not be held at either the King Abdullah International Stadium or the King Fahd International Stadium.

You can see the short video below.

First look on Super Showdown stage. Thoughts? from r/SquaredCircle

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