Norman Smiley

Feb 17, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Norman Anthony Smiley
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 240 lbs.
Date of Birth: February 28, 1965
From: Northamptonshire, England
Resides: Pembroke Pines, Florida
Pro Debut: 1985
Retired: 2008
Trained By: Karl Gotch, Dean & Boris Malenko
Finishing Move: Norman Conquest


– Smiley has also went by Lord Norman, Prime Time & Black Magic.
– Smiley debuted wrestling for promotions like USWA, CWF, CMLL, PWF, AWA, UWF & EMLL.
– February 22, 1990, Black Magic & Brickhouse Brown challenged The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) for the PWF Tag Team Titles.
– December 16th, Smiley & Chris Adams competed in the NWA Pay O’Connor International Tag Team Tournament.
– May 31, 1991, Black Magic competed in a Battle Royal for the EMLL Title.
– November 20, 1992, Black Magic won a tournament to win the CMLL Championship.
– January 1, 1993, Black Magic would retain the title against Villano IV.
– January 31st, Black Magic would defended the title against Brazo de Plata.
– March 28th, Black Magic would defend the title against King Haku.
– June 27th, Black Magic would lose the title to Brazo de Plata.
– October 29th, Black Magic challenged Vampiro Canadiense for the UWA Title.
– December 15th, Black Magic challenged Corazon de Leon for the NWA Middleweight Title.
– January 5, 1994, Smiley would begin wrestling for the promotion Wrestle Association-R (WAR) in Shizuoka, Japan for the first part of the year before going back to CMLL under the name Black Magic.
– May 5, 1995, Smiley & Mikey Whipwreck lost to Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko on ECW Hardcore TV.
– October 9, 1997, Smiley would make his debut for WCW by defeating Manny Fernandez at a Live taping.
– October 13th, Smiley defeated La Parka on WCW Nitro (Dark Match).
– November 23rd, Smiley competed in the WCW World War 3 Three Ring Battle Royal.
– November 25th, Smiley & Chris Adams defeated The Blue Bloods (Steven Regal & Dave Taylor) on WCW Saturday Night.
– February 9, 1998, Smiley lost to Konnan on WCW Nitro.
– April 6th, Smiley lost to Konnan on WCW Nitro.
– June 8th, Smiley challenged Fit Finlay for the WCW Television Title.
– July 28th, Smiley defeated Johnny Swinger on WCW Saturday Night.
– August 14th, Smiley competed in the CMLL Grand Prix ’98.
– August 26th, Smiley defeated Scotty Riggs on WCW Thunder.
– August 31st, Smiley lost to Scott Norton on WCW Nitro.
– September 10th, Smiley lost to Curt Hennig on WCW Thunder.
– September 13th, Smiley lost to The Cat at WCW/nWo Fall Brawl.
– September 24th, Smiley lost to Alex Wright on WCW Thunder.
– October 22nd, Smiley lost to Perry Saturn on WCW Thunder.
– November 2nd, Smiley lost to Alex Wright on WCW Nitro.
– November 5th, Smiley lost to Horace Hogan on WCW Thunder.
– November 19th, Smiley lost to Booker T on WCW Thunder.
– November 22nd, Smiley competed in the WCW/nWo World War 3 Three Ring Battle Royal.
– November 23rd, Smiley lost to Chris Benoit on WCW Nitro.
– December 3rd, Smiley defeated Kaz Hayashi on WCW Thunder.
– December 7th, Smiley defeated Prince Iaukea on WCW Nitro.
– December 14th, Smiley defeated Perry Saturn on WCW Nitro.
– December 17th, Smiley defeated Jerry Flynn on WCW Thunder.
– December 21st, Smiley defeated Prince Iaukea on WCW Nitro.
– December 28th, Smiley defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. on WCW Nitro.
– January 4, 1999, Smiley lost to Chavo Guerrero Jr. on WCW Nitro.
– January 7th, Smiley defeated Price Iaukea on WCW Thunder.
– January 17th, Smiley defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. at WCW Souled Out.
– February 4th, Smiley defeated The Disciple on WCW Thunder.
– March 29th, Smiley lost to Buff Bagwell on WCW Nitro.
– April 1st, Smiley defeat Erik Watts on WCW Thunder.
– July 19th, Smiley defeated Lodi on WCW Nitro.
– August 9th, Smiley, Lash LeRoux & Prince Iaukea lost to The Deadpool (Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope & Vampiro) on WCW Nitro.
– September 30th, Smiley defeated Adrian Byrd on WCW Thunder.
– October 14th, Smiley defeated The Maestro on WCW Thunder.
– November 1st, Smiley defeated Meng & The Barbarian in a 3-Way Hardcore Match on WCW Nitro.
– November 21st, Smiley defeated Brian Knobbs for the vacant WCW Hardcore Title.
– December 2nd, Smiley retained the title against The Wall.
– December 6th, Smiley retained the title against Rhonda Singh.
– December 19th, Smiley defended the title against Meng.
– December 21st, Smiley retained the title against Fit Finlay.
– January 4, 2000, Smiley challenged Jeff Jarrett for the WCW United States Title.
– January 11th, Smiley lost the WCW Hardcore Title to Brian Knobbs.
– January 24th, Smiley defeated Shannon Moore on WCW Nitro.
– January 31st, Smiley defeated Shane Helms on WCW Nitro.
– February 1st, Smiley defeated The Demon on WCW Thunder.
– February 7th, Smiley defeated Evan Karagias on WCW Nitro.
– March 6th, Smiley defeated Lenni Lane on WCW Nitro.
– August 14th, Smiley defeated Carl Ouellet for the WCW Hardcore Title.
– September 25th, the title would be vacated.
– November 27th, Smiley lost to Lex Luger on WCW Thunder.
– December 18th, Smiley was defeated by Goldberg on WCW Thunder.
– January 22, 2001, Smiley was defeated by Mike Awesome on WCW Thunder.
– January 29th, Smiley was defeated by Bam Bam Bigelow on WCW Thunder.
– March 5th, Smiley lost to Shawn Stasiak on WCW Thunder.
– After WCW folded due to being purchased by the WWF. Smiley would return to CMLL & also work for short lived promotions like World Wrestling All-Stars (WWA) & X Wrestling Federation (XWF) before wrestling for NWA:TNA, FOW, IWRG, MLW, IPW & T2P among other promotions before debuting for the WWE on Velocity.
– June 20, 2003, Smiley lost to Kenzo Suzuki at MLW Hybrid Hell.
– July 26th, Smiley & Raven lost to CM Punk & Michael Shane at MLW Rise of the Renegades.
– September 19th, Smiley lost to Mikey Whipwreck at MLW War Games.
– May 14th, Smiley challenged Mike Tobin for the USA Pro United States Title.
– May 13, 2005, Smiley challenged The Blackhart for the CCW Title.
– March 14, 2006, Smiley & Shark Boy defeated Latin American Exchange (Homicide & Machete) on TNA iMPACT.
– June 19th, Smiley lost to Monty Brown on TNA iMPACT.
– July 3rd, Smiley lost to Abyss on TNA iMPACT.
– September 4th, Smiley lost to Eric Young on TNA iMPACT.
– October 9th, Smiley lost to Christian Cage on TNA iMPACT.
– 2007, Smiley began training at WWE’s development territory FCW.
– Since the inception of NXT, Smiley has been a trainer for the brand.

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