Matt Hardy Says He’s Unkillable

Feb 16, 2020 - by James Walsh

Matt Hardy is doubling down on his assessment that he’s “unkillable” following his being booked for a match with Randy Orton on Raw. Hardy has released a new promo that you can see below, in which he talks about his contract status and match with Orton on this week’s episode after Orton have him a Con-Chair-To on Monday. 

In the video, Hardy talks about how Orton is probably wondering how Hardy is cleared to compete and said it’s because he’s like nothing Orton has seen: an “indestructible survivalist.” He noted that the doctor said he shouldn’t compete, but he’s defiant and he imagines WWE is wondering if they can trust Hardy, who is “possibly unstable, maybe even broken” to compete on live TV. 

He goes on to address reports of his contract status, noting that fans don’t know where he’ll be in a few weeks and neither does he. He says he’s going to go to a place where he’s respected and valued, a place where I am free to be me” and that fans know he cam make an impact wherever he shows up. 

He concludes by telling Orton to do his best to kill him off, because he doesn’t think Orton can and he’s unkillable. 

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