Matt Hardy Reacts to Jim Ross Using the “Bucks of Youth” Line on Dynamite

Feb 13, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Jim Ross drew some attention from the internet when he dropped the Broken/Woken Matt Hardy phrase “Bucks of Youth” on last night’s Dynamite, and now Hardy’s responded. Last night’s episode saw Ross use the term when the Bucks came out to save SCU from an attack by the Dark Order, which caused something of an eyebrow raise among fans due to the apparent reference that the Order’s Evil Uno made to Matt’s “Goodbye” tweet from Raw.

After a fan pointed it out to Matt, he responded and said he “wouldn’t be who I am today without [Ross’] assistance. JR always has my blessing to use the term ‘Bucks Of Youth.’” JR commented as well, as you can see below.

There’s been a lot of speculation that, as Matt was reportedly written off TV with his attack at Randy Orton’s hands during Raw, he might be AEW-bound and could be The Dark Order’s Exalted One. As of now, it is important to note that there’s no confirmation that this is the case and that Hardy is still under contract to WWE until March 1st.

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