B Brian Blair Talks About Life, Positivity, and his Relationship with Hulk Hogan

Feb 12, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck


On his current endeavors: “I’ve bought and sold a lot of houses, and I’ve spent a lot time with the Cauliflower Alley Club just visiting a lot of my former colleagues that are kind of down and out. Some of them are just getting up in age. I’ve always been a person that’s always believe in giving back… (I’ve also) ran for county commission, saving tax payers of Hillsboro county over a billion dollars over a four year period. I’m always busy trying to give back because that’s what keeps this bee buzzing.”

On his drive to help others: I’m always so full of energy. I get up early, and I go to bed by midnight usually…I just enjoy people; I’m a people person. I thrive on other people’s energy or their perceived problems or challenges….Nobody’s life is perfect; it takes other good people to really rationalize what’s going on in other people’s life. You have to share, you can’t keep things pent up inside. I like to be that guy that people can talk to, that people can count on, people can text, people can rely on me if they need something.”

On his life philosophy: “Nobody should ever think that they are better than anyone else…Nobody is better than anybody. We are all human beings and we all have to strive to make this world a better place while we have a chance. Why do we want to walk around miserable when we have such a short time on this earth? That’s the biggest thing. I always believe in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; I try to soak it up and everybody can teach you something…God gave us two ears and one mouth, and I try to be a better listener.”

On his upcoming book: “I’m writing a book…I have a wonderful person in Scott Stevens; he is a tremendous author and journalist. He’s written three books that have been very successful for him…I’m trying to get five chapters done next week to send (to the publisher) and hopefully within this year we’ll have something to read.”

On his tough upbringing: “I grew up in Gary, Indiana and it was difficult…I grew up the hard way, the difficult way. I got (picked on for using) food stamps when I was 11 years old by (older kids)…My parents divorced when I was 13 and I was living on my own before my 16th birthday…You are a sum total of all your events, and you are about your choices. The choices that you make are what will make you…You always have to remain humble and be true to who you are…there are two things that I can’t stand: A liar and a thief.”

On his most memorable time in wrestling: “Flying in the private jets for a few months in a row, and limousines with Vince and Hulkster before the first Saturday Night’s Main Event and before the Wrestlemanias.”

On his friendship with Hulk Hogan: “Terry (Hulk Hogan) was one of my best men in my wedding…Terry Bollea has a tremendous heart. He’s never screwed me around in anyway in my lifetime. All I can say is that he’s been good to me and he’s been great for everyone in the wrestling industry and for everyone that thrives off the wrestling industry…without Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon would not have stolen all of the territories.”

On training under Hiro Matsuda: “I was fighting for my life everyday. I went to this dungeon but I had a dream. It was called a dungeon for a reason; very few people broke in.”

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