Rohit Raju

Feb 11, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Hakim Zane
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 163 lbs.
Date of Birth: ?
From: Saginaw, Michigan
Pro Debut: 2008
Trained By: Xavier Justice
Finishing Move: Dragons Wings


– Zane has also been known as The Mad Dragon & Rohit Raju.
– July 10, 2010, Dragon competed in the VIP Victory Cup ’10.
– August 17th, Zane & House Jones challenged Body Count (Hades & Xavier Justice) for the PPW Tag Team Titles.
– January 22, 2011, Dragon competed in a 4-Way Elimination for the VIP Title.
– June 25th, Dragon & JT Havok challenged The Royal Revolution (Kaleb Krosby & Ace Evans) for the PPW Tag Team Titles.
– June 17, 2012, Dragon competed in the VIP Victory Cup ’12.
– January 19, 2013, Zane competed in a 5-Way for the WAR Respect Title.
– Zane & TD Thomas would win the XICW Tag Team Titles in early ’13.
– May 19th, Zane & Thomas would defend the titles against The Pain Killers (Donnie Hollows & Jacob Hollows).
– July 21st, Zane & Thomas would retain the titles against The Fun Lovin’ Criminals (The DBA & Jaimy Coxxx).
– September 8th, Zane & Thomas would lose the titles to The Scarbonis (Sonny & Vinnie Scarboni).
– February 22, 2014, Zane & Jacob Hollows defeated Justin Mane & Caleb Stills for the vacant UCW Tag Team Titles.
– April 27th, Zane defeated The DBA for the XICW Midwest Title.
– May 17th, Zane would team with Dymond Kouture & lose the UCW Tag Team Titles to The Pain Killers.
– July 13th, Zane would retain the XICW Midwest Title against N8 Mattson.
– July 19th, Zane would lose to Moose on ROH.
– July 27th, Zane & Assad King would lose to The Brutal Burgers (Cheeseburger & Bob Evans) on ROH.
– August 3rd, Zane would defend the XICW Midwest Title against Zach Gowen.
– September 14th, Zane would retain the title against Paul Bowser.
– October 4th, Zane would defend the title against TD Thomas.
– December 14th, Zane would lose the title to Shannon Moore.
– January 17, 2015, Zane would win the vacant XICW Lightweight Title in a 4-Way.
– March 1st, Zane defended the title against Caleb Stills.
– April 12th, Zane would lose the title to Owen Travers.
– June 28th, Zane would win the XICW Xtreme Intense Title in a 4-Way.
– July 18th, Zane would defend the title against Orlando Christopher.
– October 3rd, Zane would lose the title to Orlando Christopher in a Steel Cage.
– February 27, 2016, Zane would win the UCW Title in a 3-Way.
– April 9th, Zane would retain the title against Jake Something.
– June 5th, Zane would defeat Rhino for the XICW Midwest Title.
– July 9th, Zane would retain the title against Robbie E.
– September 24th, Zane retained the UCW Title against MVP.
– November 25th, Zane defended the title in a 3-Way.
– March 17, 2017, Zane won the Superkick’D King of the 6IX Title in a 3-Way.
– May 5th, Zane competed in a Gauntlet for the MCPW Undisputed Title.
– November 7th, Zane lost to Taiji Ishimori on Impact.
– November 9th, Zane, Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley lost to Garza Jr., Sonjay Dutt & Dezmond Xavier on Impact.
– November 17th, Zane competed in the Superkick’D Rumble in the Dot.
– January 10, 2018, Raju & El Hijo del Fantasma lost to Matt Sydal & Taiji Ishimori on Impact.
– January 13th, Raju challenged Matt Sydal for the Impact X-Division Title.
– January 14th, Raju lost a 4-Way to Petey Williams on Impact.
– March 25th, Zane challenged Jake Something for the Glory Pro Crown of Glory Title.
– March 31st, Zane competed in the AAW Heritage Rumble.
– April 24th, Raju lost to Grado on Impact.
– April 25th, Raju lost to Brian Cage on Impact.
– June 1st, The Desi Hit Squad (Gursinder Singh & Raju) defeated DJ Z & Andrew Everett on Impact.
– June 2nd, Desi Hit Squad defeated KM & Fallah Bahh on Impact.
– June 17th, Zane challenged Air Wolf for the Glory Pro Resurgence Title.
– July 23rd, Desi Hit Squad defeated Fallah Bahh & KM on Impact.
– July 24th, Desi Hit Squad lost to Taiji Ishimori & Petey Williams on Impact.
– August 13th, Desi Hit Squad defeated Joe Hendry & Grado on Impact.
– September 14th, Raju defeated Gursinder Singh on Impact.
– October 16th, Desi Hit Squad (Raju & Raj Singh) defeated The Beach Bums (Freddie IV & TJ Crawford) on Impact.
– January 11, 2019, Desi Hit Squad lost to The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) on Impact.
– January 12th, Raju lost to Trey Miguel on Impact.
– February 15th, Desi Hit Squad lost to The Rascalz on Impact.
– March 22nd, Raju defeated Fallah Bahh on Impact.
– March 23rd, Desi Hit Squad lost to Scarlett Bordeaux & Fallah Bahh on Impact.
– April 28th, Raju lost to Scarlett Bordeaux on Impact.
– May 4th, Desi Hit Squad lost to The Deaners (Jake & Cody Deaner) on Impact.
– June 2nd, Zane challenged Ethan Page for the Glory Pro Freelance Title.
– June 7th, Raju defeated Laredo Kid on Impact.
– July 20th, Desi Hit Squad lost to the Deaners on Impact.
– August 25th, Desi Hit Squad defeated Brent Banks & Aiden Prince for the BCW Can-Am Tag Team Titles.
– September 6th, Desi Hit Squad (Now with Shera) defeated The Rascalz on Impact.
– September 22nd, Raju competed in the A1 King of Hearts ’19.
– October 20th, Raju competed in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Impact’s Bound For Glory ’19.
– October 25th, Desi Hit Squad lost to Rich Swann & Willie Mack on Impact.
– November 24th, Zane defeated Myron Reed in a Steel Cage for the vacant Glory Pro Midwest Territory Title.
– December 28th, Zane defeated PACO for the AAW Heritage Title.
– January 12, 2020, Desi Hit Squad won a 4-Way tag match on Impact.
– January 17th, Raju lost to Willie Mack on Impact.
– January 18th, Desi Hit Squad (Raju & Shera) defeated Johnny Swinger & Willie Mack on Impact.
– January 24th, Raju retained the AAW Heritage Title against PACO.
– In January 2022, Raju left Impact Wrestling,

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