Mahabali Shera

Feb 11, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Amanpreet Randhawa
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 242 lbs.
Date of Birth: October 17, 1990
From: Firozpur, Punjab (India)
Resides: Detroit, Michigan
Pro Debut: 2011
Trained By: Al Snow & Savio Vega
Finishing Move: Sitout Spinebuster


– Randhawa began his wrestling career in the TNA-backed Ring Ka King promotion in his native India, working as ‘Mahabali Veera’
– On January 23, 2012, Veera defeated Sir Brutus Magnus to win the RKK Heavyweight Title
– In September 2014, TNA began airing vignettes promoting the upcoming debut of Veera
– In January 2015, Veera changed his ringname to ‘Khoya’ and became a member of James Storm’s Revolution stable
– Khoya wrestled his first TNA match on the January 23, 2015 episode of Impact, defeating Tigre Uno in barely a minute
– At One Night Only: USA vs. The World, Khoya defeated Gunner
– At One Night Only: Joker’s Wild 3, Khoya & Lashley defeated The Revolution (Abyss & The Great Sanada)
– In June 2015, Khoya turned on the Revolution and returned to an adapted version of his original ringname, Mahabali Shera
– Shera competed in the TNA World Heavyweight Title Series, reaching the quarter-final stage before falling to Lashley
– At One Night Only: September 2016, Shera defeated Rockstar Spud
– At One Night Only: December 2016, Shera defeated Aiden O’Shea
– At One Night Only: Live 2017, Shera defeated Marshe Rockett
– At Turning Point 2017, Shera defeated Marshe Rockett
– At No Surrender 2017, Shera defeated Fallah Bahh
– On the Slammiversary XV pre-show, Shera, Braxton Sutter & Allie defeated Kongo Kong, Laurel Van Ness & KM
– Shera left the now-renamed Impact Wrestling in September 2017
– On September 8, 2017, Shera defeated Breyer Wellington to win the PWASD Heavyweight Title
– In February 2018, Randhawa surprisingly signed with WWE. He would report to NXT as ‘Amanpreet Singh’ late that month
– On March 1, 2018, Singh wrestled his first WWE match, defeating Dan Matha at an NXT live event
– In September 2018, WWE released Singh
– In April 2019, it was announced that Randhawa had re-signed with Impact Wrestling and would be returning to the Mahabali Shera gimmick
– At Motown Showdown 2019, The Desi Hit Squad (Shera & Rohit Raju) defeated The Rascalz (Trey & Wentz)
– At Hardcore Justice 2021, Shera defeated Hernandez in a Chairly Legal Match
– On March 5, 2022, Shera defeated Jessie Godderz to win the OVW National Title
– On March 29, Shera defeated Jessie Godderz to retain the OVW National Title
– On April 30, Shera defeated Tony Bizo to retain the OVW National Title
– On November 24, Shera defeated Cash Flo to win the OVW Heavyweight Title
– On December 13, Shera defeated Cash Flo to regain the OVW National Title, but would lose it to Jessie Godderz in a Battle Royal less than a month later
– At OVW March Mayhem 2023, Shera fought Crixus to a no-contest to retain the OVW Heavyweight Title
– On April 15, Shera defeated Crixus in a Cage Match to retain the OVW Heavyweight Title
– On the Rebellion 2023 pre-show, Shera & Champagne Singh defeated Heath & Rhino
– On June 22, Shera defeated Crixus and Luscious Lawrence to retain the OVW Heavyweight Title, before losing it to Cash Flo
– On December 16, Golden Lions (Shera & Cash Flo) defeated Beaches & Cream (Luscious Lawrence & Omar Amir) and Overmen (Luke Kurtis & Joe Mack) to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Titles

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