2/8 CZW Voorhees, NJ “21” results featuring MASADA-no rope barbed wire match, HOF induction

Feb 9, 2020 - by Bob Magee


Combat Zone Wrestling returned last night to at the Colossal Sports Academy at the Coliseum, in, Voorhees, NJ for “21”… CZW’s 21st anniversary show; which included the Hall of Fame induction of Necrobutcher and a vary special helper essential to CZW.

There had been limited buzz about the show, but CZW drew a good crowd to the show, which wound up with chairs being added and fans still left standing.

The show began with a ten bell count to Justice Pain who recently died as the result of a suicide.

* Kris Bishop defeated Leroy Green, Boom Harden, and DK Meadows. Post-match, Maven Bentley then came out to confront Kris Bishop. This was followed by DK Meadows jumping Bishop and walking off with Maven Bentley.

* Eran Ashe defeated Gabriel Skye with a tilt a whirl to set up the pinfall

* In a bonus match from Aztec Pride Wrestling, Team Rayo Victorious defeated Team Pesadilla. The match did seem a bit disjointed at times, and the fact that the crowd wasn’t familiar with the talent kept the crowd somewhat quiet.

* THE REP (Nate Carter/David McCall) retained the CZW Tag Team titles defeating over The Skulk with The Version Of The 3D And They Praise the Skulk And The Rep states that They will gladly to take them on again for the Tag Titles Down The Line.

* Anthony Gagnone came out “to celebrate” his birthday with Valentina. Prince Nana then came out and got laid out by Gagnone. Joe Gacy came out to cut a promo, was then challenged by Jimmy Rave; followed by Joe Gacy giving a match to Rave on next month’s show. Jimmy Rave then did a Flatliner on Gangone, followed by a Styles Clash to Valentina; and apparently pair up with Prince Nana in what may be yet another incarnation of the longtime east coast heel group in various incarnations and promotions… The Embassy.

* KC Navarro defeated Aaron AR Fox to become the new CZW Wired Champion after Navarro’s Blessed group interfered, plus members of YDNB, including Boujee Boy Griffin McCoy, Hellboy Ellis Taylor and Charlie Tiger in revenge for Fox defeating Jordan Oliver at Cage Of Death in December

* Necro Butcher was inducted into the CZW Hall Of Fame, and gave a brief speech. Dewey Donovan and Maven Bentley then came out to do a surprise induction of Shawn Kernaghan into the Hall of Fame Here. Kernaghan works as ring crew and in nearly aspect of construction, including the yearly assembly of the Cage of Death. As was said by Bentley and Donovan, the promotion wouldn’t function without Shawn.

* Bear Country defeated Anthony Greene and Eva Everett in an intergender match

* In the match of the night, Brandon Kirk defeated John Silver in a match where they simply beat the crap out of each other, including doors, in a match every bit as good as anything that’s aired on US TV this week. The two are crisp in the ring and work great with each other…and everyone else they work. Why both aren’t in AEW and WWE in substantial roles in beyond me.

* The main event saw MASADA defeat Casanova Valentine in a bloodbath No Rope Barbed Wire match which involved a Barbed wire garden weasel (use your imagination on that one) a barbed wire chair, barbed wire boxing gloves. MASADA nailed Casanova Valentine the yakatori skewers in the head than hit him in the head for a knockout win to close the show.

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