The Briscoes Weigh In on Why They Stayed with ROH

Feb 8, 2020 - by James Walsh

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Mark and Jay Briscoe spoke about why they recently decided to re-sign with the company. Here are highlights:

Jay Briscoe on sticking with ROH: “We’ve spent 18 years helping to build this house and we have no desire to move out. ROH has always given us the liberty to perform how we want to. The competition that happens in the ring has always been our main focus and our roster is more diverse than ever. We pride ourselves on being able to match up with any style.”

Mark Briscoe on if they considered other options: “Personally, I thought about the other options,” said Mark Briscoe. “However, with the recent signings and moves that have been made in ROH, I feel that we are in the best position moving forward—and that this is the place to be in wrestling. When Ring of Honor first formed in 2002, we were there from the beginning. It was something special from the very first show. ROH influenced and changed the game perhaps more than any other promotion in wrestling history. In the ring, bell to bell. That’s what we’re about—in the ring, bell to bell.”

Jay on which tag teams they want to face: “I’d want the Usos. Or Revival.”

Mark on dream matches: “Usos or Revival. Or the Lucha Bros.”

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