Anthony Henry announced that he’s done with EVOLVE

Feb 1, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“We’re just going to go ahead and address this. So basically, what I want to tell everyone is that I will no longer, as of now, as of today, I will no longer be wrestling for EVOLVE Wrestling. I will just say that, we came to an impasse during some negotiations and it’s just not going to work out for me, for them, for either of us. I’m sure a lot of people probably heard, you know, that I recently did the WWE tryout. And I will just say that – I mean basically, let’s go ahead and say it. EVOLVE wanted to re-sign me to another deal, two years. And the thing about it is, obviously with the connection to WWE, to NXT, the opportunity is there for that. And that was looking to be where things were going to go for myself. However, I’m 36 years old, guys. I’m 36, there’s pretty much already a waiting list to even get on the NXT roster. So I don’t have two years in me. I don’t have that time to spend. I don’t have it anymore. I’ve got to get going, I’ve got to do something. So yeah, I won’t be with EVOLVE anymore. And I’m going to go ahead and say this now. I have nothing but good things to say. I can’t speak for anybody else, I have nothing but good things to say.”


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