WWE officially announces Super ShowDown for February 27 in Saudi Arabia

Jan 27, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

The next WWE event from Saudi Arabia was officially announced during the Royal Rumble, with Super ShowDown taking place in Riyadh on Thursday, February 27.

The show will be held at the King Fahd International Stadium, the same location where Crown Jewel was held this past October. The event will be remembered for the long layover that the WWE Superstars were forced to have in Saudi after what the company said was “aircraft problems.”

The whole saga created a massive controversy and resulted in the whole roster being unable to attend the live Smackdown the next day. Thankfully, NXT stars and others who did not go – including the women – saved the day and Smackdown went on with a very unpredictable episode.

Following the return from Saudi after Crown Jewel, WWE announced that the company would be hosting two pay-per-views per year for the remainder of their 10-year contract despite everything that went down.

The last Super ShowDown was held in June 2019 in Jeddah and had the main event of Goldberg vs The Undertaker.

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