Jack Starz

Jan 25, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: ?
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 172 lbs.
Date of Birth: ?
From: Leicester, England
Pro Debut: October 31, 2012
Trained By: Robbie Brookside, Thunder & Danny Collins
Finishing Move: Spinning Neckbreaker


– Starz started out wrestling for promotions like PWF, SWA, LCW, Legacy & EWP within his first few years in the business.
– While wrestling in LCW in 2014 & 2015 Starz teamed with Jimmy Meadows and feuded with the the Hunter Brothers (Lee & Jim).
– September 5, 2015, Starz won 3 rounds in the Legacy Gold & Glory Tournament to become the inaugural Legacy Wrestling British Title.
– February 6, 2016, Starz competed in the LCW Rumble ’16.
– February 13th, Starz challenged Kay Jutler for the CSF All-Nations Title.
– April 5th, Starz competed in the ASW Royal Rumble.
– November 27th, Starz challenged Jutler for the CSF All-Nations Title.
– March 3, 2017, The Star Talent (Starz & Chris Tyler) challenged The Bigger Picture (Robbie X & Marshall X) for the Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Titles.
– December 3rd, The Star Talent win the titles in a 4-Way Elimination.
– January 14th, Starz competed in a 3-Way for the 4FW Junior Title.
– March 4th, Star Talent retain the Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Titles against The Hunter Brothers.
– March 10th, Starz challenged Eddie Ryan for the CSF Real Wrestling Title.
– March 24th, Starz competed in the Kamikaze Pro Over the Top Rumble.
– March 31st, Starz challenged Tomas James Sky for the NBWA Cruiserweight Title.
– April 8th, Starz defended the Legacy British Title against White Tiger in a Two out of Three Falls Match.
– May 26th, The Star Talent lost the Kamikaze Pro Tag Team Titles to Kay Jutler & Clint Margera in a no DQ.
– August 25th, Starz lost to Eddie Dennis on NXT UK.
– September 23rd, Starz retained the Legacy British Title against G-Wiz.
– October 14th, Starz lost to Joseph Conners on NXT UK.
– October 27th, Starz competed in the SWW Cheltenham Cup ’18.
– November 18th, Starz lost the Legacy British Title to G-Wiz.
– November 24th, Starz & Tucker lost to Tyson T-Bone & Saxon Huxley on NXT UK.
– December 21st, Starz defeated Marius Al-Ani for the EWP Junior Title.
– January 13, 2019, Starz lost to WALTER on NXT UK.
– February 23rd, Starz lost to Joseph Conners on NXT UK.
– April 19th, Starz lost to Ilja Dragunov on NXT UK.
– April 27th, Starz retained the EWP Junior Title.
– May 25th, Starz defended the title against Fast Time Moodo.
– June 15th, Starz lost to Alexander Wolfe on NXT UK.
– October 4th, Starz lost to Jordan Devlin on NXT UK.
– November 15th, Starz lost to A-Kid on NXT UK.
– November 16th, Starz lost to Ridge Holland on NXT UK.
– December 20th, Starz lost the EWP Junior Title to Cody Hall.
– January 18, 2020, Starz lost to Kassius Ohno on NXT UK.

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