Ashton Smith

Jan 23, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Ashton Trent Smith
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 200 lbs.
Date of Birth: December 15, 1988
From: Kingston, Jamaica
Pro Debut: February 11, 2007
Trained By: Sovereign Championship Wrestling
Finishing Move: Cool Runnings


– Smith has also been known as D-Rok & Derice Coffie and nicknamed The Prestige.
– Smith debuted in professional wrestling on February 11, 2007 in a losing effort to Zack Sabre Jr.
– September 13, 2008, Coffie won the SAS Prince of Gudjarat Trophy Tournament.
– October 5th, Coffie challenged Spud for the SAS United Kingdom Title.
– January 31, 2009, Coffie competed in the SAS Declaration of War Tournament.
– March 19th, D-Rok competed in the CW Crowning the King ’09.
– July 22nd, D-Rok competed in the IPW:UK Selsey Cup.
– July 24th, Coffie & Tyler Browne defeated Method and Madness (Lyndon Ham & Scouse) for the CW Tag Team Titles.
– August 27th, Coffie & Browne would lose the titles to Thunder and Lightning (Lightning Kid & Tommy Dean).
– September 26th, D-Rok lost to Darkside in the final of the 1PW Openweight Contenders Cup.
– March 28, 2014, Smith competed in the PCW Royal Rumble.
– April 6th, Smith the HXC 30-Man Hardcore Rumble.
– February 6, 2015, Smith defeated Zack Gibson to win the NGW North West Cup.
– March 13th, Smith competed in the PCW Road to Glory Tournament ’15.
– March 29th, Smith competed in the PCW Royal Rumble.
– April 11th, Smith challenged Rampage Brown for the NGW Undisputed Title.
– August 22nd, Smith competed in a 4-Way for the FSW Adrenaline Title.
– October 31st, Smith & Charlie Garrett challenged Team Single (T-Bone & Rampage Brown) for the PCW Tag Team Titles.
– February 21, 2016, Smith competed in the NGW Destiny Rumble.
– October 28th, Smith challenged Eddie Edwards for the TNA Championship.
– December 9th, Smith defeated Bubblegum for the PCW Cruiserweight Title.
– December 10th, Smith won the FutureShock Trophy Tournament.
– February 3, 2017, Smith retained the PCW Cruiserweight Title against Bubblegum.
– April 2nd, Smith competed in the PCW Rumble.
– April 8th, Smith competed in the HOPE Kings of Flight ’17 but lost to Mark Haskins in the 1st round.
– June 17th, Smith lost the PCW Cruiserweight Title to Dean Allmark.
– August 25th, Smith defeated Zack Gibson for the FSW Title.
– December 3rd, Smith retained the title against Tyson T-Bone.
– January 21, 2018, Smith & Rampage Brown defeated Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) for the ICW Tag Team Titles.
– February 23rd, Smith & Martin Kirby defeated The Bad Lads (Micky Barnes, Drill & Big Joe) in a Handicap Match for the GPW Tag Team Titles.
– April 15th, Smith & Brown lost the ICW Tag Team Titles to The Kinky Party (Sha Samuels & Jack Jester).
– May 13th, Smith defended the FSW Title against Cyanide.
– June 1st, Smith & Kirby lost the GPW Tag Team Titles to Tyson T-Bone & Craig Kollins.
– July 15th, Smith defended the FSW Title against Wolfgang.
– July 28th, Smith defeated Tucker on NXT UK.
– August 18th, Smith lost the FSW Title to Cyanide.
– August 25th & 26th, Smith lost to Wolfgang & Eddie Dennis on NXT UK.
– September 14th, Smith competed in the GPW Thunderbrawl Rumble.
– December 2nd, POD (Smith & Rampage Brown) defeated The Kinky Party for the ICW Tag Team Titles.
– February 22nd, Smith lost to Kassius Ohno on NXT UK.
– February 24th, POD lost the ICW Tag Team Titles to The Kings of Catch (Lewis Girvan & Aspen Faith).
– May 18th, Smith defeated Sandy Beach for the GPW British Title.
– June 16th, Smith lost to Ilja Dragunov on NXT UK.
– July 19th, Smith lost to Noam Dar on NXT UK.
– August 16th, Smith lost the GPW British Title to Sandy Beach.
– September 1st, Smith lost to Jordan Devlin on NXT UK.
– November 16th, Smith & Oliver Carter defeated the Outliers (Riddick Moss & Dorian Mak) on NXT UK.
– November 30th, Smith challenged Sandy Beach for the GPW British Title.
– January 17, 2020, Smith & Carter defeated Sammy Smooth & Lewis Howley on NXT UK.

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