Eva Marie Calls Out Airline for Gender Discrimination

Jan 21, 2020 - by James Walsh

Former WWE star Eva Marie took to Twitter to call out an airline for gender discrimination. Marie posted to Twitter noting that she attempted to enter the Qantas Airlines business loung in activewear, but was denied entry while her husband wearing a T-Shirt and shorts was allowed in. 

Marie shared a pic of what she was wearing, noting that “In 2020 @qantas airlines Melbourne won’t allow a woman holding a business class ticket to enter their business class lounge in active wear. My business IS fitness and an active lifestyle. Qantas prefers their women in a dress.” 

She added in a follow-up, “Clarification: This is NOT a dresscode issue, I support a businesses right to enforce equitable dresscode standards. However, My husband was allowed in no problem wearing this. While I was kicked out wearing this. My issue is that standards should be equitably enforced @Qantas” 

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