Dr. Luther

Jan 21, 2020 - by Jamie Cruickshank

Real Name: Len Olson
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 251 lbs.
Date of Birth: October 30, 1968
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pro Debut: 1988
Trained By: Hart Dungeon
Finishing Move: Top Rope Powerbomb


– Olson trained under Stu Hart at the famed Hart Dungeon before debuting for Stampede in the late 80s. He began his career wrestling as Lenny St Clair
– In March 1992, Olson travelled to Japan to work for the FMW promotion, debuting his Dr Luther character. FMW would become his home promotion through 1994
– On March 23, Luther defeated Katsuji Ueda for the AWA Lightweight Title
– In early 1993, Olson (as Atomic Punk) traded the CRMW Mid-Heavyweight Title with Lance Storm
– On May 21, Atomic Punk defeated Eric Freeze to retain the CRMW Mid-Heavyweight Title
– On November 11, 1994, Atomic Punk defeated Rocky Della Serra to regain the CRMW Mid-Heavyweight Title
– In 1995/6, Olson reprised the Dr Luther character in IWA Japan and WAR
– On December 26, 1997, Olson competed as Dr Luther outside Japan for the first time, teaming with Incubus to defeat Mike Roselli & Randy Tyler to win the NWA-ECCW Tag Team Titles. The titles would be vacated a week later due to a dusty finish in the rematch
– On February 20, 1998, Luther & Incubus (as The Army of Darkness) defeated Tony Kozina & Chad Manning to regain the vacant NWA-ECCW Tag Team Titles
– Dr Luther wrestled at two ECW live events in August 1998
– On September 26, Luther & Ken Johnson defeated Steve Rivers & Incubus to win the ICW Tag Team Titles
– On March 31, 2000, Luther & Juggernaut defeated Johnny Canuck & Michelle Starr to win the NWA-ECCW Tag Team Titles, but would lose them to Chance Beckett & Havoc that same day
– Olson made a WCW Worldwide appearance in August 2000, competing as ‘Mad Jack’
– On November 23, Luther defeated Juggernaut to win the NWA-ECCW Title
– On June 16, 2001, Luther defeated Mike Matrixxx to win the NAW Heavyweight Title
– On September 16, Luther & Juggernaut defeated Johnny Handsome & Rock Evans to win the WCEW Tag Team Titles
– After several months of relative inactivity, Olson retired from wrestling in 2006
– Olson would make one-off returns to the ring in 2009 and 2011, before reprising the Dr Luther character full-time in late-2016
– On December 17, 2016, Luther defeated Ethan HD to win the DOA Heavyweight Title
– On January 28, 2017, Luther defeated Big Ugly to unify the DOA and PWN Heavyweight Titles
– On February 11, Luther & Randy Myers defeated The Cunninghams (Jack & Karl) to win the NWA-ECCW Pacific Northwest Tag Team Titles
– Luther apparently retired from wrestling again at the end of 2017
– Luther was revealed as a member of AEW’s Nightmare Collective stable in January 2020. The stable was not well-received and was quickly dropped, but Luther remained with the company as a wrestler and agent
– Luther made his AEW in-ring debut, defeating Sonny Kiss on the February 28, 2020 episode of Dark

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