Sami Callihan says his piledriver is a tribute to Mick Foley

Jan 20, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

“Absolute legend, absolute guy – I look up to him in this business, not just as a hardcore wrestler but he’s one of the best professional wrestlers of all-time. He had great runs in every company and he made you truly believe. He and Terry Funk are two of my favorite wrestlers of all-time. That’s why I use the piledriver as my finisher – he gave me that move. I wanted his legacy to live on and that’s why I call it the Cactus Special. That’s why I had these boots made. I wanna give back to the guys who made me wanna be a professional wrestler and this is just a token of appreciation.”

Speaking of Callihan, it has been reported by multi sources that he agreed to a new multi-year deal with Impact Wrestling. Callihan has been with Impact Wrestling since 2017.

source: Wrestling Inc.

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