Tessa Blanchard alleged to have attitude issues during WOW stint

Jan 19, 2020 - by James Walsh

Tessa Blanchard Alleged to Have Attitude & Issues At WOW Women of Wrestling Tapings

The controversy around Tessa Blanchard isn’t slowing down, as a new report alleges that she had attitude issues during the first two seasons of WOW Women of Wrestling.

Fightful reports that people within WOW have claimed that Blanchard was argumentative and would berate people in the company, including an incident where she allegedly made one of the company’s trainers cry in front of the training team.

According to the site’s report, a WOW roster member, who asked to stay anonymous due to fear of retaliation, said that they have been asked by David McClane not to discuss the matter. They said that Blanchard would berate WOW trainers and told one that she didn’t belong on the WOW training team and shouldn’t be training at all. This resulted in the upset trainer being reduced to teaers and when someone tried to speak with Blanchard about the matter, she said it was being blown out of proportion and didn’t want to discuss it.

The site also says that Blanchard had an verbal confrontation with another WOW top name in front of others in the company, which followed weeks of tension, and that there was a “fairly public shouting match” between Blanchard and Malia Hosaka that resulted in Hosaka being reprimanded while Blanchard wasn’t. Some members of the roster felt that wasn’t fair to Hosaka.

Blanchard reportedly began getting more and more power in the company and required certain things to be approved by her. As she became the face of the company and head trainer in season two, this ramped up heavily.

Several members of the roster who are longtime members of the promotion also believed that their lost their pushes once Blanchard showed up and instituted changes.
The site adds that several people within Impact Wrestling have said that since Blanchard joined the company, several perceived attitude issues had gone away but this doesn’t seem to be the case in Impact.

Blanchard is, of course, also under fire for allegedly using a racial slur against La Rosa Negra during a verbal altercation in Japan in 2017.

Blanchard has not yet commented on this report.

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