Dwayne Johnson gives first public comments about the death of his father

Jan 17, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gave his first public comments about the passing of his dad Rocky Johnson who died two days ago at the age of 75.

In a long post on Instagram, Dwayne talked about his father breaking color barriers while he became a ring legend and he was sitting in the seats, watching and adoring his hero from afar.

“The boy you raised to always be proud of our cultures and proud of who and what I am. The boy you raised with the toughest of love. The intense work. The hard hand. The adoring boy who wanted to know only your best qualities,” he wrote.

He continued, “Who then grew to become a man realizing you had other deep complex sides that needed to be held and understood. Son to father. Man to man. That’s when my adoration turned to respect. And my empathy turned to gratitude. Grateful that you gave me life. Grateful you gave me life’s invaluable lessons.”

Johnson wrote that he wished he had one more chance to tell him that he loves him before he passed away but he was gone fast without a warning. “I’m in pain. But we both know it’s just pain and it’ll pass. Now I’ll carry your mana and work ethic with me, as it’s time to move on because I have my family to feed and work to accomplish.”

Tell him that he loves him and will always be his proud and grateful son, Johnson finished with, “Finally, I want you to rest your trailblazing soul, Soulman. Pain free, regret free, satisfied and at ease. You lived a very full, very hard, barrier breaking life and left it all in the ring. Go rest high.”

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