WWE Chris Benoit Biopic Crossface Was Shut Down by Benoit Family

Jan 14, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

As explained by David Benoit in a interview with Chris Van Vliet, the filmmakers needed the family’s permission to move forward with the Chris Benoit project, but the Benoits rejected the proposal as the movie would have depicted the infamous tragedy.

“There was a director, everything bro. We had to step in because they wanted to do the tragedy about how it all went down. So we said no,” David explains, adding that the Benoit family even hired a lawyer to assist in getting the project shut down.

He added: “They needed our permission. She sent us the script and then the end was the whole murder/suicide was gonna be all in it. We said no.” Making it clear that having portraying the details of the tragedy on the big screen was off the table, David also says that the family wouldn’t be opposed to seeing a new documentary about his father getting made, noting he has lots of home video footage to offer

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