DDP Says He Didn’t Learn to Read Until He Was 30

Jan 14, 2020 - by James Walsh

DDP was a guest on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia this week and discussed his struggles with ADD, dyslexia, and illiteracy when he was in school. Highlights are below.

On struggling with ADD, dyslexia, and illiteracy in school: “The bottomline is, I grew up with ADD and dyslexia at a time when no one knew what the hell ADD or dyslexia was. Like they would say in our report cards, ‘Yo, he complains about headaches and he can’t read,’ because they wanted me to read something on the board, I couldn’t read it, so I’d get myself in trouble and get sent to the principal’s office. What got me through school was being, just, I think being nice to everybody. Anytime there was any kind of talking in any kind of segment in school, I was all about it. And that’s what I learned, through repetition. I squeaked through. I barely graduated with enough credits, so to speak, for high school. I didn’t really start to learn to read until I was 30.”

On how he got through school when he couldn’t read: “Cheated. I got people to write papers for me, and then, I knew how to write shit, but even following to write stuff, if you read even some of my emails, if you read them 10 years ago, you’d go, ‘What the hell is he trying to say here?’”

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