Actor Wesley Snipes wanted to win the WWE 24/7 Championship

Jan 14, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

This week on Notsam Wrestling, R Truth talked to Sam Roberts about getting guidance from Vince McMahon, Wesley Snipes almost becoming 24/7 Champion

R Truth on Wesley Snipes Almost Winning the 24/7 Championship (37:06)

“RT: Fox got me in to interview for the new movie, ‘Dolomite’s My Name,’ I got a chance to interview Eddie Murphy, Michael Keegan Key, Wesley Snipes, and these people, man, were wanting to come to the show that night. –and Wesley Snipes was talking about becoming the first actor to become 24/7 Champion.

SR: Can you imagine if they’d put that title on Wesley Snipes? How great that would’ve been if blade walked out with the title

RT: Man, Wesley Snipes has his hand on his chin while I was interviewing him and he was still contemplating on what do I have on my schedule tonight, because I think I’m going to go to the staples center and try to win this title. ….That would have been great man.”

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