Marty Scurll Wants ROH to Form a Working Relationship with AEW

Jan 13, 2020 - by James Walsh

It was previously reported that Marty Scurll signed a new contract with Ring of Honor, which would make him a booker in the company. While those reports suggested that he was the head booker, Dave Meltzer noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that isn’t the case. Scurll will be one of the bookers, but the head booker will still be Delirious.

Scurll’s contract will let him work for companies outside of ROH, including NJPW (and possibly NJPW USA), NWA and PWG. It was also noted that Scurll wants to form some sort of working relationship between AEW and ROH. As previously reported, this is in addition to the “WWE main roster money” that he was allegedly offered. Scurll’s deal is said to be most expensive in ROH history. Meltzer noted that it was the “best deal he got”, although didn’t specify who else offered him a deal, if anyone.

As for Scurll’s influence on creative, he was involved with this past weekend’s shows and even helped come up with the idea for Free Enterprise, a free show in Baltimore in February 9.

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