Kenny Omega Says the AEW Women’s Division is Still Developing

Jan 9, 2020 - by James Walsh

In a Q&A on his Twitter account, Kenny Omega said that AEW is still working on developing the face of their women’s division. Riho is currently the champion and retained her title in two straight weeks of Dynamite. Here are highlights:

On the AEW women’s division: “Still developing the face of the division, but Riho’s proven to be an inspiration to many, Shida is the complete package, and Kris has shown that she has the tools to take the div to another level.”

On criticism of the division: “Lately, most ‘criticisms’ I read are incredibly ignorant. Depressing the amount of fans that have absolutely no class. That being said, I do try to sift through those to get to the actual constructive criticism.”

On who he wants in AEW: “Anyone with enthusiasm that’s can step up and hang with the top guys.”

On his dream match list: “Kurt Angle, Mankind, Kenta Kobashi …. it’s a list that would get pretty long.”

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