Cody Rhodes on Why He Thought Rebooting Bash at the Beach Was a Fun Idea

Jan 9, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Cody Rhodes on Why He Thought Rebooting Bash at the Beach Was a Fun Idea, Addresses His Efforts to Acquire Old WCW Trademarks

As previously reported, The New York Post recently interviewed AEW EVP and wrestler Cody Rhodes.

Below are some additional highlights.

Cody Rhodes on the idea for a Bash at the Beach reboot in AEW:

“I think it was something we were kicking around because I had looked into and trademarked some old-school wrestling IPs (intellectual properties), and we were looking at the two weeks where you have the cruise itself and the actual Miami show as kind of like a two-week special. That’s actually what it is, a two-week special, because they will be codependent on each other. We wanted to give it a theme and it ended up being Bash at the Beach because I had the IP and wanted to use it in a fun way and not do something that’s been done before, but do our own version of it.”

Cody on how it won’t really be like previous WCW Bash at the Beach events:

“I think we were more looking from the standpoint of, ‘Oh, this would be fun.’ And then you do see a few things like that like, ‘Oh, it’s a WCW concept,’ but it’s a concept my dad had a part in creating. We are not really doing anything that was on any of their Bash at the Beaches.”

Cody Rhodes his recent acquiring of IPs:

“Trademark law is pretty much standard in all of entertainment — except in wrestling. In wrestling, there is this weird amount of trademarks that [lapse] that people think they can hold on to, and they legally cannot if somebody picks them up. And having my own kind of experience with trademarks and having to secure my name and things of that nature. But also just simple stuff to make sure my father’s name and his legacy and all of the things that come with it go directly to my mother, just stuff like that got me in a mood to see what else was out there. And my buddy Conrad Thompson, I know he’s kind of a controversial figure, but he always kind of keeps me posted on what’s available. Honestly, I think 95 percent of it is about securing my father’s legacy, and the other five percent is just for fun moments like ‘Bash at the Beach.’”

On the status of the Dusty Rhodes trademark:

“I’ll say that every report you get on a trademark is usually about three months behind. And Ryan Satin (of Pro Wrestling Sheet) made some weird report about me not being able to have that trademark, but that’s not the case. That’s why you never see me publicly comment on any of the trademarks because I let [lawyers] handle the legalese and their own process. I let that all work itself out. There is no issue with Dusty Rhodes trademark. There never was.”

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