Rusev Gets Twitter Heat for Asking for Help for Australia

Jan 6, 2020 - by James Walsh

Rusev fired back at some users on Twitter after being trolled over a tweet promoting the idea of raising money for Australia. The WWE star posted to Twitter suggesting that if the Notre Dame cathedral could have $1 billion raised in a day to fix it after it caught fire, “WE CAN HELP AUSTRALIA!”

While no one is saying anything against the idea of raising money for Australia in the midst of its wildfires, Rusev took issue with a few fans who mocked him and his storyline over it. In a now-deleted tweet, one fan said, “A wrestler currently in a race-based cuckolding storyline is making more sense than our nation’s leaders.” That led to one the posts below, and more apparently followed as Rusev asked people not to make his post “about wrestling”:

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