Jushin Liger Says He Can Now Retire Without Regrets

Jan 5, 2020 - by James Walsh

During last night’s NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 event, Jushin Liger took part in the last match of his professional in-ring career. He teamed up with Naoki Sano in a losing effort to Hiromu Takahashi and Ryu Lee. Jushin Liger later shared a statement on his retirement on Twitter, which you can see below. 

It reads (via Google Translate): “Retired at Tokyo Dome today! After all, the champion, Hiromu was strong. I can retire without any regrets. I am grateful for messages from various people such as Choshu and Nakamura. There will be a retirement ceremony tomorrow. I want to go like a Liger to the end.” 

NJPW New Year Dash!! will feature a retirement ceremony tomorrow. The event will be held at the Ota City General Gymnasium in Tokyo. It will be streamed live on NJPW World. A number of talents and promotions from around the wrestling industry paid tribute to Liger across social media, which you can see more of RIGHT HERE. 

本日東京ドーム大会で引退しました!やはりチャンピオン、ヒロム選手は強かったです。何の悔いも無く引退出来ます。長州さんや中邑選手などいろいろな方からもメッセージをいただき感謝しています。明日は引退セレモニーがあります。最後までライガーらしく行きたいと思っています❤ #引退 pic.twitter.com/BnkY22rTVD 

— 獣神サンダー・ライガー ☆ Jyushin Thunder Liger

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